Make your GOURMET gift

The gifts offered in the SHOP Gifts Tebàmia section have been designed and packaged with creativity and passion.
On request and for certain quantities, they can be customized.

"When we make a gift for the customer, our brand takes a back seat! Our priority is to highlight, elevate and show your brand, your story and your work!"

"Being part of the customer experience of another brand is an honor and a huge responsibility!

This is why we take our role so seriously: we want to say that we are a company of customer experts ... and it happens to give gifts"

We offer the possibility to choose the ideal composition for every kind of occasion. The customization of the elegant embossed cardboard boxes with fire-printing of your logo, or the dark wood caskets with the brand in chalcography.


CASSETTA MORO in Fir Wood | 35 * 28 * 10.5H
CASSETTA MORO in Fir Wood | 43 * 32.5 * 10.5H
BAULETTO WITH LID MORO | 34 * 25.5 * 17.5H
BAULE WITH LID MORO | 50 * 34 * 18.5 H


CORDONED CACAO BAG | 35 * 16 * 34 H
QUADRATELLA CACAO | 33 * 33 * 26 H
COCOA SHOPPER | 35 * 12 * 15H

We are ready to suggest you the best combinations to compose your personalized gift.

To create your ideal selection and customize your gift with your brand write to us!

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